Maasvlakte Plaza


CERTUS Automation deployed a logistic concept at the Maasvlakte Plaza Truck parking to support the happy flow of trucks entering the facility but also of their visit at all surrounding terminals. An OCR Portal located at the parking will capture all truck details. The aim is to identify the destination of the truck and inform the terminal with relevant data.

The Maasvlakte Plaza Truck parking is open 24 hours a day. CERTUS Automation supplied the truck parking with an AutoGate solution that ensures a quick entry to the facility. Truck drivers can identify themselves with an electronic ID card to gain access. The payment is made digitally via the same card system.

The parking is a safe environment for driver and cargo. The CERTUS Automation CCTV solution visually patrols the area. Emergency kiosks by CERTUS with communication possibility and AED, are also present to support visitors’ health and safety.

CERTUS Automation deployed a Truck parking automation solution at the Maasvlakte Plaza Truck parking in Rotterdam, which solution has been deployed at multiple Truck Parkings around the Netherlands. The CERTUS PASS Parking System offers parking spot allocation, including ADR parking spot allocation for dangerous goods, integrated with Police & Fire brigade emergency desk, a Booking system, Access Control, Contract Management, Reporting and more.

Truck parking Rotterdam offers truck parking on 4 locations in the Rotterdam Port Area. The all-in-one concept of the parking’s includes an information desk, restaurant, sanitary facilities (showers and toilets), washing and drying machines, lockers, a Shell gas station, truck wash and an emergency repair service for containers.

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