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When certainty is mission critical, it’s CERTUS Automation

CERTUS Automation is the technology company in innovative automation solutions and services. As a leader in the field of OCR, image processing and software development, CERTUS Automation installs and maintains OCR (Optical Character Recognition) systems for automatic recognition of relevant data marked on containers, trailers and trucks. Our solutions can be deployed in Ports & Terminals (quay and yard cranes, gates, rail) as well as Logistics sites such as warehouses, distribution centers and truck-parking facilities.

Ports & Terminals

Capture every cargo transaction on your terminal. Whether it’s by truck, vessel or train; Our Automation solutions covers the complete process from terminal entry, through handling, until terminal exit.


We have a track record of customized automation systems that are based on proven technology. CERTUS installation base & references on large scale projects can be found all across the globe.​


Accurately manage, register and control visit flows on your logistic site. Automation helps you make the right planning decisions, balance peaks and reduce moves and idle time.

We strive to identify every cargo transaction in a digital fashion,
making them traceable, secure and efficient.

A few of our products

Customers about CERTUS’ Solutions & Services

“Our OCR has been consistent with an avg rate of 98%+ with over 1400+ container moves per shift. Regarding the OCR camera life span, we are at around 4 replacements from 2015 to today, outside of accidental damages.”

“By automating our gate operations with CERTUS, we have achieved being able to in-gate a truck within 60 seconds, significantly reduced gate queues and minimized our gate footprint.”

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