Gate Control Equipment

CERTUS supplies all types of traffic control equipment, primarily for Gate Automation Solutions.

  • Barriers
  • Traffic lights
  • Lane signage & Bill boards
  • Sensors

The combination of the above components make it possible to guide trucks through a facility, following dedicated process steps, this ensuring efficient traffic flow. All equipment is effectively integrated through the Port Automation & Security System (PASS), thereby making it possible to monitor the status and control any component remotely.

Additional functionality deployed via PASS is automatic management of “queuing”. Should a large amount of trucks be counted at a specific process point, those trucks can be queued at a previous process point by holding barriers closed.

Gate Barrier, Traffic Lights, Cross/Arrow boards

The pole barrier is often deployed at the perimeter to control unauthorized access, typically combined with a traffic light to clearly indicate the truck status (stop/go). Above gate and OCR lanes, the cross/arrow indicator is typically used to indicate if a lane is open for business or not. This function is useful in cases of maintenance or queue management.


Lane Signage & Bill Boards

When it is required to dynamically direct trucks to specific areas (e.g. based on a tag read when driving, an exception occurs, or when it is required to inform a larger group of truck drivers), lane signage and bill boards may be applied. Lane Signage may be deployed in order to indicate from a distance, which lane to select. Typically, this is only necessary in case various types of lanes are dynamically used, e.g. different types of trucks, or for lanes used in different types of directions.

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