Truck Parking Solutions

Virtual gate

Safe and secure rest areas are essential for truck drivers, who must take breaks. In addition, there are several initiatives to create parking’s which are ready to operate as a ‘virtual gate’. CERTUS delivers truck parking software suite and gate hardware, based on the CERTUS Gate Automation solution. This will allows port/logistics areas to optimally coordinate a range of inspections and customs and administrative activities by improving the uniformity of the logistics process, thus to operate as ‘virtual gate’. These guarded parking sites considerably improve the security of the parked trucks and it reduces nuisance for the surrounding area.


  • Booking system to make parking space reservations
  • Qualified and fully prepared to function as a pre-gate to logistics facilities or terminals in the area
  • Smart and ingenious parking space assigning system
  • Special space allocation for IMO cargo and reefers
  • CCTV integration for the complete facility


  • Improve security of the parked trucks
  • Improve uniformity of logistics processes
  • Reducing of nuisance for the logistics area
  • Get an overview on an entire area and be able to manage the entire parking process
  • Optimally coordinate a range of ‘virtual gate activities’


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