Deployment Services

Our experienced project managers are fully in control of delivering the end result through a structured design and deployment process and by managing the constraints of the project management triangle, which are cost, time, scope, and quality. Any project manager responsible for a CERTUS project has proven experience in the field.

Analysis & Design

At the start of each project, the designated team will start with the analysis of the requirements, goals and targets in order to establish clear project specifications, milestones and risks. The net result will be process flows and functional descriptions of the project objective, ready to be translated to technical specifications, integration efforts and civil requirements if any.

System Integration

For a successful deployment of our Port Automation & Security System (PASS), integration skills required cannot be ignored and are considered vital for a successful deployment. The most common example is integration with the Terminal Operating System, enabling decisions on containers identified by OCR, validating gate appointments and job stepping work instructions. Other examples of integration are weigh scales, 3rd party access control systems and X-Ray systems.

Our platform is set up as such that it can adopt to any communication protocol and any message format.  Our engineers are well experienced in translating functional requirements to technical requirements, resulting in rapid development of interfaces.

Each interface is delivered with an emulator tool to test specific messages at early stages in the project. Our approach to integration ensures a stable, constant interface platform for your TOS and other systems. CERTUS PASS allows for the selection and future upgrade of different hardware technologies with minimal impact on other systems.

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