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Who we are? CERTUS is on a mission to identify every cargo transaction in a digital fashion and make the transaction traceable, secure, and efficient.  In 1999 we pioneered in what soon would become indispensable for container terminals worldwide. Now we’re a global technology company and leader in the field of OCR, image processing and software development. Our solutions are helping Ports & Terminals (quay and yard cranes, gates, rail) as well as Logistics sites such as warehouses, distribution centers and truck-parking facilities every day.

Our values are the heartbeat of our company

We believe that fostering a good work environment is crucial to achieving excellence in everything we do.  When working for CERTUS Automation, you become part of a team that genuinely lives by the following values:


We value having a good work/life balance and care for our colleagues, customers and partners

Level up

We stimulate curiosity and learning to develop your talents. Your development is a priority at CERTUS.


We are operating worldwide with customers around the globe and employees from different cultures.

Keep it fun

We connect our people through fun events like a obstacle run, a pingpong break or an afternoon drink.

Many reasons to work at CERTUS Automation.

Great team atmosphere!

Team Players!

We have each others back!

Time for a break!

CERTUS is an accredited work placement company.

We believe it is important to contribute to the future of craftsmanship. That is why we coach students within our company.

Your Next Career Opportunity Awaits!

We are always searching for talented people to join the CERTUS team! If you haven’t come across a job opening that aligns perfectly with your qualifications or if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.