Yard Crane OCR

CERTUS OCR Solutions for YARD Cranes are intended to support the hand-off process within the yard by the RMG and RTG Cranes, with minimal manual interventions.

Yard Crane OCR is the only process automation system that really visually validates the container and truck attributes. A set of camera’s identifies every transaction between truck and stack from both side lanes. This supports the stack accuracy and velocity of the terminal.

Applying this technology to yard cranes prevents mistakes before they even happen:

  • At the OUT Gate, one will no longer have to send trucks back to the yard because they received the wrong import container.
  • Prevent misplaced export containers by automatically validating if trucks are delivering their exports containers to the correct stacking location.

Discover our OCR Features for Yard Cranes

Yard Cranes OCR by CERTUS Automation can recognize nearly all details being handled by the Yard Cranes. The system can provide Terminal Tractor Identification and Street truck license plate recognition amongst others.


Image used for capturing Container Code during ARMG truck to stack operations (day)

Image: image used for capturing Container Code during ARMG yard to truck operations (night)

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