Rail OCR

Container Identification

CERTUS Rail OCR systems create a closed loop to all tracks at an intermodal or on dock rail facility in order to identify and trace all containers as well as rail cars throughout the facility.

C-Train is a fully integrated rail OCR system that automatically reads and records the container ISO code numbers as the train travels on its tracks. The system is ideal as a portal system either at the entry and/or exit rail tracks of the terminal, or any other intermodal facilities.

The system includes proprietary integrated hardware and software systems. The system includes the Container Code Recognition (CCR) software engine and utilizes rugged high-resolution camera systems with pulsed solid-state LED illuminators.

Rail Car Identification – Utilization of RFID tags on cars, OCR of Rail Car number coupled with existing car data provide a complete picture of car size, type and capacity.

Container Identification – OCR of containers at key entry and exit points through a portal system provides data including:

  • Container Number
  • Container size / type
  • Container Position – Well location, Top, Bottom
  • Validated information against the railroad consist (EDI 418)

Location of Rail Cars – The CERTUS system provides both track number and order of cars on each track through a series of wheel counters, system logic and RFID tag readers.

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C-Train is designed to share the container/rail cars identifications with a central server system. One or more Client application can intercept the messages on the server, for data recording and /or for further processing. The system can also be interfaced with the terminal load-lists and manifests for enhanced recognition performance.

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