Automatically capture every detail

CERTUS Crane OCR automatically captures every container move during the loading and discharge at the vessel operations. The sophisticated image capture and recognition system is installed directly on the crane and provides for a friendly user interface to manage any exceptions in realtime. By making the transactions and container details in realtime available, terminal operators benefits from:

Improved Productivity: through the elimination of data input and/or task confirmations thereby increasing the accuracy and velocity of the transactions resulting in higher throughput and improved container inventory accuracy. Operators can introduce error and are potentially prone to data entry errors.

Safer work environment: No physical inspections in the berth area, no clerks are required to acquire container positions in case of any stack errors, less clerks having to work under heavy equipment.

Centralized Control: Using automatic capturing of checker information, one can go to an exception based operation, having central control.

Damage Archiving: Container conditions are stored for every transaction both inbound and outbound serving as proof for any future claim handlings.

Automated Hand-off

To assure fastest hand-off between STS Crane and the horizontal transport, the OCR system can capture the terminal tractor ID based on roof numbering. By doing so, there is an automatic handshake to the TOS and work instructions for the terminal tractor can be job-stepped faster. No additional hardware other than the Crane OCR system is needed to enable so.

For horizontal transport based on straddle carriers, CERTUS can integrate with 3rd party Position Detection Systems (PDS) and share the container ID/lane ID to enable a traceable hand-off.

5 Side Damage Images including Top image

To support highest OCR performance, as well as enable claim handling, the system captures damage images from 5 sides of the container. All images are captured as the spreader moves by – the OCR system will capture all images without any impact to optimal spreader flights or the need of any extra illumination. The crane driver is free to operate the crane in the most optimal way. The top image is captured before the spreader has landed on the container (in case of loading) or after the spreader has unlocked (in case of discharging).

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Highly reliable & Easy maintenance

CERTUS uses multiple sides of the container to come to a final OCR result. We utilize at least one standalone camera per side of the container. This assures a high system reliability. Failure of a single camera unit will only give minor impact on recognition performance and allows for the complete recognition system continue.

Furthermore, there are no moving objects with the CERTUS Crane OCR solution – increasing the overall reliability of the solution. Your own maintenance team can swap a camera within 30 minutes, all it takes is setting an IP address and loading a settings config file. Cleaning the cameras can be scheduled at the same interval as existing installed crane cameras for the purpose of security or remote crane handling.

Hardware agnostic system

CERTUS utilizes standardized, best of breed, industrial cameras available on the market. CERTUS’ Crane OCR is not dependent on any specific vendor hardware and not sensitive to any hardware end-of-life. We call this ‘hardware agnostic’. CERTUS guarantees the OCR system will support future camera models, that’s a promise.

Easy to use exception handling software

By recording the crane moves in an automated fashion, any exception can be made real-time available in the CERTUS PASS Crane OCR Navigator. Through the PASS Crane OCR Navigator, any transaction is validation against the TOS data. A single clerk can handle exceptions of the entire crane fleet. Features that CERTUS implemented to enable so:

  • Monitor exceptions only; the user interface enables to review errors only, making them pop-up and draw attention to the screen.
  • Decouple the exceptions from the crane handlings; the horizontal transport can already move away from the Crane, but the crane can actually have multiple exceptions current.
  • First level exceptions & second level exceptions; the system supports handling specific exceptions with priority whilst others can be handled when the horizontal transport already proceeds to the yard.
  • Configurable colours; can be used to distinguish between TOS errors (e.g. failed to deck) and OCR errors and separate tasks between clerks.
  • Auto resolution; PASS Crane OCR Navigator will keep revalidating against the TOS at a regular interval, thereby automatically resolving exceptions without clerk intervention if the TOS data was changed.

PASS Crane OCR Navigator has been integrated with all major TOS suppliers and adapts to any TOS specific interface protocol.

Proven track record

CERTUS’ Crane OCR systems can be found in many container facilities across the globe, ranging from the smaller facilities up to the large deepsea facilities, including deployments through various Crane manufacturers. There are several customers that use CERTUS’ Crane OCR systems for over 15 (!) years. Some of our references (please let us know if you would like to reach out to one of our references).

60 Months Warranty Period

To demonstrate the confidence CERTUS has in the solution, it offers a 60 month Warranty period when combined with a Service Level Agreement. In addition, an onsite spare parts kit is provided. CERTUS will assure the Spare Parts Kit is supplemented free-of-charge during the warranty period based on a periodic review.

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