Vehicle Booking System

Vehicle Booking System (VBS) for optimal visit flows.

PASS on Point VBS is a web portal for vehicle visit bookings to create optimal visit flows, reduce costs and improve the security on your facility. It allows logistics companies to schedule in- and outbound visit flows to balance peaks, improve capacity utilization and reduce vehicle turnaround times. VBS easily connects different supply chain partners such as warehouse managers, terminal operators or trucking company operators which reduces administrative work for all parties, thus saving costs. The pre-announcement of visits will optimize the (Auto)Gate throughput, prevent operational interruptions and makes your yard more secure through registration and validation of booking details of visits.


  • Create comprehensive visitor profiles and client specific appointment settings
  • Create online booking from any device
  • Manage and authorize bookings
  • Vehicle arrival/departure/delayed real-time dashboard
  • Seamless integration with CERTUS AutoGate, Location Management Systems (LMS) or third-party systems


  • Reduce operational costs by assigning go-to locations at the (Auto)Gate
  • Increase the efficiency of receiving (inbound) and shipping (outbound) processes to optimize the warehouse operation
  • Reduce vehicle turnaround times and meet customers’ time restraints by optimal use of resources
  • Create visibility to proactively respond to changes in planning, increases resource utilization and reducing unproductive moves and idle time
  • Increase security by location validation


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