Gate Management System

CERTUS created the Port Automation & Security System (PASS) Gate Management System for automatic processing of visit flows to increase efficiency and minimize human intervention. The principle is enablement of processing the vehicle visits without having the drivers come out of their truck and enabling “Driver-Self-Service” facilities. PASS GMS allows to automate the process of data capturing and to know which truck is in which gate lane and to be able to match captured data with (pre-)registered data. This key is entitled the “truck-visit-identifier” and makes your logistics operation more secure.


  • Identify, Register & Control Vehicle, Driver & Cargo
  • Automate Inbound & Outbound visit flows
  • Remote exception handling
  • Validate data capture against CERTUS AutoGate, VBS or third-party systems such as WMS
  • Driver interaction through gate kiosk


  • Save on employee costs by reducing the need for clerks to manually process visits
  • Reduce operational costs by optimizing gate throughput and prevent operational interruptions
  • Reduce vehicle turnaround time by automated in- and outbound gate processes
  • Increases security on your yard through automated access control, identification, registration, and monitoring of visit flows
  • Improve health & safety because there is no human intervention required at the gate since drivers will stay in their truck

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