DSV Tholen


Centrally placed between Antwerp and Rotterdam, you can find the sustainable warehouse solution of DSV Tholen. The truck entry and exit process is streamlined using the latest CERTUS AutoGate components.

The CERTUS AutoGate solutions for DSV Tholen empowers three Gate In-lanes with Driver Kiosks, LPR recognition and Gate Control Equipment, 1 Gate Out with LPR recognition and a Gate Barrier and our PASS Gate Navigator to remotely control the gate and have insights in the operational performance.

Automatically verifying license plates against the data in the operating system of DSV eliminates manual checks thus reducing errors and increasing the gate transaction speed.

The PASS Gate Navigator is integrated with DSV’s system CargoClix. The seamless integration between these two software solutions optimizes DSV’s operational processes and services to its customers.

DSV is a global transport and logistics service provider, headquartered in Hedehusene, Denmark. Operating since 1976, the company has become a worldwide player in Air, Sea, Road and Rail freight, custom brokerage and warehouse services.

Find out more about DSV at https://www.dsv.com/

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