APM Terminals Callao


In 2019 APMT has initiated a project to automate gate operations by adding Gate Hardware, and expanded a Gate Operating System (GOS) functionality to work with the existing OCR and gate systems CERTUS deployed in 2014.

CERTUS Automation provided a solution based on existing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in combination with driver kiosks, License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras and traffic control hardware to facilitate further automation at the gates. The AutoGate contains 3 OCR Portals and 6 gate lanes for incoming traffic and 3 OCR Portals and 5 gate lanes for outgoing traffic.

Software enhancements to the GOS, enable automated transactions, truck queue management and minimal interaction between clerks and truckers.

Automated gates and continuous logistics optimization, ensuring all containers for the same customers are located strategically, making cargo pick up easier and faster.

APM Terminals Callao is the operator of the North Multipurpose Terminal of the Port of Callao, the largest in Peru and on the west coast of the South American Pacific. On July 1, 2011, the first commercial unloading was made, since then, they have been working for ten years to benefit the foreign port trade.

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