Lázaro Cárdenas Terminal


Lázaro Cárdenas Terminal is a division of Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH), located in Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico. The terminal is a hub and transhipment port on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

CERTUS succesfully deployed OCR on the 9 STS Cranes. The OCR Systems automatically identifies the containers and records the condition by capturing damage images of 5 sides of the container.

Through a Platinum Service Level Agreement, CERTUS has onsite presence and performance preventive- maintenance with local staff.

HPH LCT also operates an Automated Gate by CERTUS.

Hutchison Ports LCT is a container terminal that operates the loading and discharging of land and sea containers, as well as handling, storage and custody of containers either by sea and/or land. Within a decade the Hutchison Ports group has made Hutchison Ports LCT the most important container terminal in Mexico

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