January 5th 2022, 15:00

CERTUS appoints new CEO

The board of CERTUS has appointed Maarten de Vries as new CEO of CERTUS Port Automation B.V.. Maarten’s background as Chief Operational Officer of CERTUS, combined with a deep passion for automation, will help to further advance the mission of the organization to identify every cargo transaction in a digital fashion. Maarten de Vries succeeds Leander de Nooijer as CEO per January 1st 2022.

Leander de Nooijer will remain operational as President of CERTUS. As President, he will support Maarten in his new role and further focus on supporting our business development group. Leander also remains a board member and shareholder of CERTUS.

In the same board meeting Marc van der Pol is appointed as new CFO of CERTUS Port Automation B.V. Bas van der Pol will resign from his role of CFO per January 1st 2022 and transfer all tasks to Marc. Bas will be supporting Marc in his new role and leave CERTUS operations per March 2022. Bas remains a board member and shareholder of CERTUS.

CERTUS continues to move forward as an important strategic partner in terminal automation, and with our new executives in place, the company can excel for the benefit of all of our customers for years to come.

About CERTUS Automation.

CERTUS Automation is a leader in the field of OCR, image processing and software development. The company installs and maintains OCR (Optical Character Recognition) systems for automatic recognition of relevant data marked on containers, trailers and trucks. Their solutions can be deployed in quay and yard cranes, gates, rail and truck-parking facilities and distributions centra all around the globe.

For additional information, please contact:

Maarten de Vries, CEO, +31 61 350 37 66,

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