By: Jarno Kuipers

BLOG: Do I need traffic management for an OCR portal?

When installing a CERTUS OCR Portal on your terminal, you will be guaranteed of the best possible performance on capturing details of the truck and cargo that passes by. To assure the portal performs best, some considerations on the layout should be taken into account. One of them is applying traffic management around the portal.

At facilities where there is a risk of trucks queuing at the Gate area, with queues running into the OCR portal, our recommendation is to apply traffic management. The OCR portal is considered a “drive-through” process point. All data is captured in motion without stopping required. We recommend to prevent a truck standing still in the OCR for longer time which could possibly result in a time-out and output of partial data.

Is truck queueing expected into the OCR portal based on your gate design? Then we recommend to deploy a gate barrier with a traffic light before the OCR portal. Our Gate Operating System (GOS) can automatically control the barrier based on lane occupancy.

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About the CERTUS OCR Portal

As traffic at ports and terminals is increasing every year, efficient operations at the gate are necessary. A Gate OCR Portal is part of the CERTUS AutoGate solution and contributes to these efficient gate operations. As the cameras of the OCR portal capture every detail of the truck and cargo that passes by, terminals benefit not only from more accurate data, but this data is also automatically available in the Terminal Operating System. Meaning Gate clerks can perform inspections from a safe and secure office environment.

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