By: Dave Walraven

BLOG: How much time does it take to install Crane OCR?

Are you considering installing Crane OCR but afraid it might cause too much delay or disturbance in your operations? With the CERTUS project approach, interference to the operational flow is minimal. This blog is to teach you about our project approach.

To deploy Crane OCR on STS Cranes which are in high demand for operations, the main challenge is to get access to the equipment with reasonable upfront notice in order to plan resources. It is CERTUS experience that terminal operators can only give 24hr notice when an STS crane may be available, and even so, this may be cancelled at the last moment.

To deploy in a brownfield operation, CERTUS has developed the following approach:


CERTUS will deploy Crane OCR on a first crane in joint effort with the terminal local maintenance organization, during a scheduled quarterly/annual outage. The deployment of the first crane will typically take 1 workweek and can be done in parallel with regular maintenance.


CERTUS will train local resources on the job during the first crane, enabling the local maintenance organization to install and maintain in the absence of CERTUS.


CERTUS will stay in the lead on bi-weekly progress meetings, provide support for any questions during deployment, and perform commissioning based on the first 100 operational boxes being moved. These tasks can be performed remotely or onsite when preferred.

The above approach has taught us that this is the most cost effective way for all parties involved, as well as enabling the system to be embedded better within the organization, contributing to a successful go-live and more reliable system post implementation.

In terms of planning and duration,
one can assume a single Crane can be
equipped within a week.

Now that the system is installed, every move will be captured. The spreader moves between vessel and berth and while it does, a set of cameras will capture container images from multiple sides. The various images are sent to the system, where within seconds, the system performs OCR on every individual image and determines the final recognition result. This is then sent to the central Exception Control Software which validates the transaction against the TOS data. There is no change in the current operations of the crane operator.

Start Crane OCR on your terminal today!


CERTUS Crane OCR automatically captures every container detail during loading and discharge without any impact to optimal spreader flights or the need of any extra illumination. The sophisticated image capture and recognition system is installed directly on the crane and integrates with the TOS system to ensure all captured data is instantly available for terminal operators. 

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