By: Benjie Wells

BLOG: What features do I need on an OCR Portal?

Our OCR software can capture data in only seconds. But what data should it capture? Of course, this completely depends on the preferences of the customer. We can program the software to our customer’s needs. In general, we often see the following:

Deepsea Container Terminal / Shortsea Container Terminal – Manual Yard

Deepsea Container Terminal / Shortsea Container Terminal – Automated Yard

Inland facility / Container Depot

Border Crossing





Above overview is only a guideline based on best practice. Features like IMO Label Presence, IMO Label Classes, Seal Presence vary on terminal specific inspections, continent and country specific.

Our sales team is happy to advise you on the best features for your facility.

Are you planning a Gate OCR Portal at your facility?

What features would you like to capture? Our sales team is happy to advise you!

About the CERTUS OCR Portal

As traffic at ports and terminals is increasing every year, efficient operations at the gate are necessary. A Gate OCR Portal is part of the CERTUS AutoGate solution and contributes to these efficient gate operations. As the cameras of the OCR portal capture every detail of the truck and cargo that passes by, terminals benefit not only from more accurate data, but this data is also automatically available in the Terminal Operating System. Meaning Gate clerks can perform inspections from a safe and secure office environment.

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