By: Chantal Doolhoff

BLOG: How does deploying an AutoGate increase terminal capacity?

Rush hour. A large number of trucks are waiting impatiently at your gate. Sounds familiar? Many sites still manually verify every truck that arrives at their site. The driver has to get out of his vehicle to complete the administrative process and get access. A time consuming process.

Automated gate solutions help streamline this process by reducing human errors, speed up vehicle inspection process, and strengthen security at the entrance of a terminal. But how much does the Automated Gate contribute improving terminal capacity? There is no single answer to this question. It depends on the current working procedures, expected truck volume, the registrations & validations taking place at the Gate as well as the design & layout of the Automated Gate.

To give a guideline for improved terminal capacity, one can say:

  • With a Vehice Booking System in place, it should be possible to complete the inbound administration process within 30 seconds.
  • With automated validations in the Gate lanes, using OCR technology, it should be possible to process a truck within the Gate lane within 60 seconds.
  • With an automated gate setup, over 85% of the truck visits are processed without human intervention, assuming a common quality of data in the TOS.

The Automated Gate also greatly increases the user experience because of the trucks having less waiting times.

Our products as part of the Automated Gate that are key in enabling this:

Gate Kiosk

The Gate Kiosk supports trucks, cars and pedestrians in self-service activities. Drivers remain in their vehicles, where they can activate and complete their mission via the kiosk.

Gate OCR Portal

The Gate OCR Portal captures all truck and trailer details as the vehicle passes through, providing accurate information on all incoming and outgoing traffic.

Vehicle Booking System

The PASS on Point Vehicle Booking system schedules visits in an online booking system. Not only does this take away a number of administrative task at arrival but it also allows you to spread the visits during the day, preventing peaks at your gate.

Location Management System

Schedule and allocate appropriate resources, including locations, employees and equipment in accordance with the expected visit flows to maximize resources and minimize administrations.

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