By: Jarno Kuipers

BLOG: Where to deploy an OCR portal?

Close to the Gate IN Lanes or as far away as possible; Where would you deploy the OCR Portal?

The CERTUS OCR Portal provides accurate and real-time information on all incoming and outgoing traffic. It captures this information in less than 3 seconds. With such impressive performances, the position of the portal might not seem that important. After all, it will not slow down the passing trucks.

So how come we sometimes see truck queuing happening inside the OCR portals? Typically it’s not the OCR portal itself that is the bottleneck. If truck queuing happens inside the OCR portals, it is usually caused by queues at the Gate Lanes positioned after the OCR.

It helps to position the OCR portals as far as possible from the Gate IN lanes. It helps to position the OCR portal with sufficient space to waver out into multiple gate lanes. This way one portal can serve a number of gate lanes and ensure a good dispersion of traffic. (Learn more on gate layout in this blog > How many OCR portals do I need in an Automated Gate?)

If you don’t have the space to position the OCR Portal far enough away from the gate, another way to spread the traffic flow over the day is a Vehicle Booking System. This way the in- and outbound visit flows are scheduled in advance and traffic peaks can be balanced.

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About the CERTUS OCR Portal

As traffic at ports and terminals is increasing every year, efficient operations at the gate are necessary. A Gate OCR Portal is part of the CERTUS AutoGate solution and contributes to these efficient gate operations. As the cameras of the OCR portal capture every detail of the truck and cargo that passes by, terminals benefit not only from more accurate data, but this data is also automatically available in the Terminal Operating System. Meaning Gate clerks can perform inspections from a safe and secure office environment.

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