CERTUS Successfully enters the Logistics Market

In addition to being one of the world leading players in Port Automation, CERTUS Automation has successfully entered the Logistics market. CERTUS Logistics provides automation solutions to any logistics site where truck, trailer, container and driver in- and outflow can be optimized through Gate Automation. The knowledge and experience we’ve gained in the maritime industry over the last 15 years is now available to warehouses, distribution centres, truck parking’s, temperature controlled storage facilities, manufacturing plants and other logistics sites all around the globe.

We are excited about applying our knowledge to the Logistics market. Many of the advantages that our Ports customers gain from our automation solutions also apply to this market. Our new business unit Logistics Automation provides comprehensive solutions to schedule, digitalize and automate the in- and outbound traffic of trucks, cargo and drivers at logistic sites such as warehouses, cross-docks and manufacturing sites. Based on the customers’ business process, we design, supply, install and support the most optimal automated gate and yard planning process.

By deploying CERTUS AutoGate solution, our customer significantly reduce operational costs, carbon footprint, and improve the truck turnaround time and security at the site.

Since the inception of the new CERTUS business unit ‘Logistics’ in 2019, CERTUS has already deployed her automation solutions at 14 logistic facilities in 9 countries. We are committed to helping logistic customers achieve their goals in the same way we do for our Ports customers.

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For more information on Automated Gates, Driver Kiosks, OCR Portals, CCTV Solutions, Vehicle Booking Systems and many more, please contact our Director Logistics Automation:

Ruben Nadimi
Cell. +31 6 8113 23 78

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