The Kramer Group


Rotterdam, Europe’s most important container port, is the hometown of the Kramer Group. On three different locations in the city they offer a wide range of container services.

Kramer Group from #Rotterdam applies Crane OCR to its Ship to Shore (STS) cranes across 2 different sites in Rotterdam and utilizes the CERTUS AutoGate solution at 3 different sites. Key elements in the customer service of Kramer Group are high quality of service and high quality of data. The CERTUS AutoGate Solution for the Kramer Group supports in offering this service. Through the automated data capturing, the accuracy and speed of the transactions at both the gate and the waterside have increased, enabling a more accurate stack and faster gate processing.

Founded more than 40 year ago in the Rotterdam, the Kramer Group has become an important player in container services. Today they offer both large and small customers the best possible service in the field of container handling, container storage, container cleaning, container repairing, container inspections and additional maintenance services.

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