By: Jarno Kuipers

BLOG: Do I need a Vehicle Booking System for an Automated Gate?

Your Automated Gate can work just fine without having a Vehicle Booking System (VBS), although there are some advantages in having a VBS next to your Gate Operating System.

The idea of using an (online) Vehicle Booking System for booking and managing all trucks and cargo that visit your terminal is on the boom because it offers you many advantages. A Vehicle Booking System ensures that the administrative handling is done upfront and validated before going to the facility.

Because the appointments are planned in advance, too many trucks arriving at your gate at the same time can be prevented. As a result, the trucks are handled much faster and smoother upon arrival at the terminal. This also means the Gate footprint can be more lean or more trucks can be processed on the same footprint.

By reducing time, costs and resources the Vehicle Booking System provides an ideal solution for efficiency and productivity improvement. Therefore it is a good addition to your Automated Gate.

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