By: Jarno Kuipers

BLOG: Do I need to identify the driver with an Automated Gate?

International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) requires container terminals to keep track of every visitor that enters the facility. So Yes, driver identification is needed.

The CERTUS Automated Gate solution offers many components that help to identify visitors.

Biometric Scanner

The Gate kiosk can be equipped with a finger vein reader to quickly and accurately check a person’s identity. The biometric finger vein reader enables real-time identification based on biometric technology and offers an efficient user experience.

Driver ID Card

Various type of ID cards can be recognized by the ID card reader that is placed in the Gate kiosk. Drivers can remain in their vehicle while identifying themselves at the gate.

Vehicle Booking System

In the Vehicle Booking System, truck visits are booked in advance in an online portal. Through technology at the gate, truck visits are automatically verified against the pre-booking, ensuring fast and secure entrance.

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About the CERTUS Automated Gate

The CERTUS Automated Gate solution is deployed at companies around the world. Our gate kiosk and camera systems accurately manage, register and control truck, trailer, container and driver flows, enabling you to make the right planning decisions, control who is on your site, balance traffic peaks and reduce administrative tasks for your staff.

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