By: Chantal Doolhoff

BLOG: How does the AutoGate suffice as an environmentally friendly solution?

Reduction of the CO2 footprint is an increasing motivation for automating the gate process. Many companies are limited to the amount of CO2 that their facility is producing. But how does an AutoGate contribute to reducing the CO2 emissions?

Due to the massive combustion of fossil fuels, CO2 emissions have increased enormously over the past 100 years. As a result, the average temperature on earth is rising rapidly. This has serious consequences such as melting ice caps and extreme rain showers. Therefore nowadays companies have to take legislation and regulations into account to reduce their CO2 emissions.

How does an AutoGate contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint?

Heavy trucks are responsible for approximately 5% of the gas emissions in Europe. Congestion will generate the highest CO2 emission per kilometer. Imagine what hundreds of trucks waiting at your gate every day will do to your company’s emissions. With an AutoGate your gate operations will become more efficient and the average truck turnaround time will decrease enormously. The result? a reduction of the CO2 emissions at your gate.

Gate Kiosk

The CERTUS Gate Kiosk facilitates automation of the gate process and any required interaction with the driver. Drivers no longer have to get out of their truck but can activate and complete their mission on the kiosk in a short time. This reduces waiting times at the gate enormously.

Gate OCR Portal

By installing a Gate OCR portal to replace physical inspections, every detail of the truck and its cargo is captured in only a few seconds. The truck can drive through the portal without any interruptions or delays.

Vehicle Booking System

Schedule al in- and outbound visits to your facility allows you to optimize your visit flows, spread the gate peaks and prevent operational interruptions. In addition, passing on all details of the visit in advance ensures a swifter check in at the gate.

Is reducing the CO2 footprint an issue at your facility?

No matter whether you’re a big, medium, or small business; reducing greenhouse gas emissions should be a priority to everyone. Does this spark your interest? We are ready to support you on your journey of decarbonization. Please contact us via or call +85 006 88 00.

About the CERTUS OCR Portal

As traffic at ports and terminals is increasing every year, efficient operations at the gate are necessary. A Gate OCR Portal is part of the CERTUS AutoGate solution and contributes to these efficient gate operations. As the cameras of the OCR portal capture every detail of the truck and cargo that passes by, terminals benefit not only from more accurate data, but this data is also automatically available in the Terminal Operating System. Meaning Gate clerks can perform inspections from a safe and secure office environment.

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