By: Jarno Kuipers

BLOG: Can automated handoff boost the efficiency of your crane operations?

The “hand-off” process at the waterside operations is a crucial part in tracking containers on your terminal. It is the first moment in the process where the waterside inbound containers are identified and handed over to the horizontal transport. Manual hand-off can be time-consuming and prone to errors, as it relies on human intervention to ensure that the correct information is being passed along. With CERTUS Crane OCR, the hand-off process is automated, which means that information is transferred accurately and efficiently.

Besides recognizing all the different container details, the CERTUS Crane OCR system also supports identification of the Terminal Tractor ID for every container transaction. This will enable faster “handshake” or hand-off and as a result, enabling the next work instructions to be provided faster. The OCR system simply instantly confirms the transaction as the container is discharged. Major benefit is that the terminal tractor can leave faster from the berth, increasing the overall productivity.

Let’s summarize the various benefits to automating the hand-off process:

Increased Accuracy

Automated hand-off reduces the risk of errors occurring during the transfer of information. This is because the OCR software is able to accurately extract the ID number of the terminal tractor without the possibility of human error.

Improved Efficiency

Automating the hand-off process also means that information can be transferred more quickly. This can save time and improve overall efficiency, as there is no need for manual data entry or for information to be passed along manually.

Reduced Costs

Automated hand-off can also result in cost savings, as it reduces the need for manual input, the associated errors- and costs.

Enhanced Security

Automated hand-off can also improve security, as information is transferred electronically rather than physically. This reduces the risk of sensitive information being lost or stolen.

For terminals that do not use Terminal Tractors but have other type of horizontal transport, e.g. shuttles or straddles, the OCR system can also integrate with any 3rd party positioning system in order to achieve the same.


CERTUS Crane OCR automatically captures every container detail during loading and discharge without any impact to optimal spreader flights or the need of any extra illumination. The sophisticated image capture and recognition system is installed directly on the crane and integrates with the TOS system to ensure all captured data is instantly available for terminal operators. 

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