Abu Dhabi Terminal stays with CERTUS Port Automation

CERTUS Port Automation has been selected to deliver the Automated Gate Solution as well as the Crane OCR solution for the STS Cranes to be delivered at the terminal’s extension of Abu Dhabi Terminal located at Khalifa Port, UAE. A total of 10 STS Crane OCR systems will be delivered as well as 6 new Gate OCR portals accompanied by 8 new gate lanes. The latest CERTUS Gate Operating System will integrate with the TOS to assure the hand-off procedure at over 200 truck transfer points.

“I am extremely proud of this award as it proves that our equipment is performing well in harsh environments like the one in which Khalifa Port operates. It also shows the customer is satisfied with the performance of our systems over the past 6 years”, says Dave Walraven, Chief Commercial Officer. “Abu Dhabi Terminal was the first to adopt Crane OCR technology in the region. Continuing with Crane OCR, confirms such systems contribute to the terminal’s operational goals.” he continues.

Latest Gate Kiosk design and deep learning OCR engines

The latest CERTUS kiosk design optimizes gate operations. The new kiosk design enables simplified and modular service with an improved intuitive visual user interface for the driver. Over the last several years, all of CERTUS OCR engines, including Gate, STS Crane, Rail as well as Yard Cranes, have been moved to deep learning algorithm engines, assuring even higher recognition rates and making additional features available. In combination with the latest camera technology, higher productivity is achieved by means of accurate data capturing and automated gate inspections.

About CERTUS Port Automation

CERTUS is the world leader in automatic container identification through its image capturing and deep learning recognition engines. In over a decade of development, CERTUS has delivered OCR systems to over 50 sites, in over 25 countries on 4 continents. CERTUS OCR systems are in operation today at over one-third of the world’s largest 30 container ports. CERTUS Port Automation is the industry market leader in OCR for ship-to-shore cranes, truck processing and yard cranes. A pioneer in the container handling industry, CERTUS is focused on increasing the productivity of its customers through enhanced data accuracy, CERTUS industry-leading OCR engines and various port productivity applications as part of this continued effort.