License Plate Recognition Camera

Our license plate & chassis plate readers are “All in One”, “PC-less” and “Loop less” cameras typically deployed for access control, process automation and monitoring solutions. These units are compact and fully-enclosed containing all the hardware and software required for a full LPR/ANPR system package.

The system includes an embedded microprocessor, camera and illumination unit. All of the LPR/ANPR functions are automated within the system, including triggering, illumination setting, image capture and license plate recognition. In case required, the device can even compare the output to a black/white list to control a barrier or enable a number of functions associated with either authorized or non-authorized vehicles.

The units are used in traffic surveillance and monitoring applications where passing vehicles can be tracked, as well used for generating a vehicle list to be utilized for a wide range of security and logistic functions such as Gate automation.

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