The CERTUS Proof Of Concept

Seeing is believing. Start your Crane OCR project with a proof of concept to obtain the confirmation that the idea is feasible, viable and applicable in practice.

Demonstrate the feasibility of STS Crane OCR with a Proof Of Concept.

When it comes to implementing automation solutions like Crane OCR, many companies face resistance due to concerns about changing working methods. To overcome this reluctance, CERTUS has launched a Proof of Concept that uses your own data to test the Crane OCR system on a single crane. Unlike a demo environment, the Proof of Concept provides a quick and low-cost way to determine the project scope and kick off the preparation phase and design. We do a quick installation on the first crane with magnetic brackets. This can be done during regular maintenance and will take only one week time.

By using your own data, the Proof of Concept allows you to see firsthand whether Crane OCR offers the right answers to your business challenges. This approach helps companies test the solution, and adjust the project scope as needed. Overall, the CERTUS Proof of Concept for Crane OCR is a great way to experience the benefits, overcome resistance to automation and find the best solution for your business.

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What are the advantages of our Proof of Concept?

Before committing to a full implementation, it’s crucial to understand your needs and assess the feasibility of the solution. CERTUS Proof of Concept can help you achieve that. Often, we see that our customers change the scope of their project based on the outcome of and the experience with the Proof Of Concept.

Our approach also gives you the confidence that CERTUS can handle your complexity. You’ll have a chance to get to know our team and explore the possibilities of our solution.

Once the Proof of Concept is ready, we provide ample time for testing and feedback. This ensures that your internal and external users can test our Crane OCR solution, experience the system firsthand, and provide valuable insights to optimize the solution. By involving internal users, you’ll ease the change management process and increase the chances of success. The Proof of Concept can also be used to showcase your vision to management or head office, demonstrating the potential of our solution.

Choose CERTUS Proof of Concept to gain a deeper understanding of your needs, build confidence, and achieve success with your project.

How do we get started?

To set up the Proof Of Concept, we will need some information from your side. The Proof Of Concept is completely tailored to your business process and will therefore focus on the functionalities you would like to see. That is why we need a distinct idea of your goal.

For setting up the Proof of Concept we will need the following:

  1. Define how your cranes operate. Some simple wording will be fine.
  2. What is the objective and reasoning for considering automation?
  3. Is there a crane drawing, such as a general arrangement available? A digital drawing would be nice.
  4. What checks do you currently perform when discharging/loading?

What results can you expect from the Proof Of Concept?

The results from the Proof Of Concept will, off course, depend on the scope of your project, but generally you can expect the following:

  • Delivery of test environment based on real-time data
  • The first steps of building an automation for capturing container data
  • The first steps in handling exceptions from a central desk inside the office
  • Feedback on future users
  • A blueprint for the integration architecture
  • A comprehensive estimation and plan of the full project

With this information you can easily make a decision on whether Crane OCR will be the right solution to improve your business process. You will be able to analyze and optimize your initial scope in light of a full project implementation. If you decide to expand the Crane OCR system to the other cranes on your terminal, the amount paid for the Proof of Concept will be discounted on the project. With the information we already gathered on the first crane, your Crane OCR project will take a flying start!

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