CERTUS Crane OCR System

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient Crane OCR system for your container terminal? Look no further than the CERTUS Crane OCR system. Our system offers automated hand-off and 5 side damage images to improve efficiency in terminal operations.

Automated Hand-off

Our OCR system can capture the terminal tractor ID based on roof numbering, allowing for automatic handshake to the TOS and faster job-stepping of the terminal tractor. No additional hardware is needed to enable this feature.

CERTUS Crane OCR System
5 Sides Damage Images

5 Side Damage Images

To support highest OCR performance and enable claim handling, the system captures damage images from 5 sides of the container. The top image is captured before the spreader has landed on the container (in case of loading) or after the spreader has unlocked (in case of discharging).

Hardware Agnostic Crane OCR System

Our Crane OCR system is not dependent on any specific vendor hardware and guarantees support for future camera models.

CERTUS Crane OCR System
5 Sides Damage Images

Easy to Use Exception Handling Software

The PASS Crane OCR Navigator enables real-time validation against the TOS data and allows for easy exception handling by a single clerk.

Proven Track Record

Our Crane OCR systems can be found in many container facilities across the globe, ranging from smaller to larger deepsea facilities, including deployments through various Crane manufacturers.

60 Months Warranty Period

We offer a 60-month warranty period when combined with a Service Level Agreement and provide an onsite spare parts kit that is supplemented free-of-charge during the warranty period based on a periodic review.

Download our brochure to discover more about the features and benefits of the CERTUS Crane OCR system.

Product Brochure – STS Crane OCR

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