CCTV Camera


CERTUS specializes in integrating CCTV systems in operational processes requiring automatic identification. CCTV deployments range from small up to securing entire terminal facilities. Once objectives have been agreed, an appropriate mix of system components can be recommended ranging from recording equipment up to infrastructural requirements.

Typical CCTV deployments by CERTUS include:

  • Face cameras integrated in driver Kiosks or OCR lanes to recognize & record persons accessing the terminal
  • Surveillance cameras in Gate lanes providing ‘eyes’ when working remotely due to automation, alerting an operator of vehicle presence
  • Surveillance cameras at STS cranes, recording load/discharge cycles and serving as a back-up to OCR systems
  • Security cameras at secured areas to visually patrol the area.

Effectively integrated through PASS, the operator is given a single user interface to get an overview on an entire area, monitor & overrule any access control related items and trigger single button actions. By providing a single user interface to manage the entire process, the terminal benefits by having to do less training and reducing maintenance efforts.

CERTUS can work with any camera and any platform, including existing systems. In all cases, we use a mix of the most current best in class cameras, lenses, lighting, hardware and software components in our deployments. This makes our CCTV solutions the most capable on the market for security purposes but as well for supporting

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