Kloosterboer Cool Port I & II


At the Rotterdam City Terminal you can find the cool and deep-freeze storage facility of Kloosterboer Cool Port Rotterdam. This modern facility with a storage capacity of 40.000 pallets (Cool Port I) uses state of the art technology to offer their customers the best possible service.

Cool Port Rotterdam can be considered a pioneer since from day one, they’ve deployed a truck appointment system together with electronic driver identification as mandatory for their facility – which can be considered trendsetting for a warehousing facility, likely inspired by the surrounding container terminals.

CERTUS supplied Cool Port I and II with an Automated Gate solution including the Gate Management System PASS Gate Navigator, Drivers kiosks, Gate Control equipment and Gate LPR systems. The solution consists of 6 Pre-Gate Lanes, 2 Gate In Lanes and 2 Gate Out Lanes, as well as a non-cargo entry and exit.

In addition, the facility is equipped with an internal gate towards the City Terminal to automatically register transactions occurring to and from the surrounding container terminals like Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals, Rail Service Centre Rotterdam and Kramer Group. CERTUS supplied 2 lanes equipped with Gate OCR and Gate kiosks.

Kloosterboer is active in the Netherlands, Germany, France, South Africa, Canada and the United States. More than 4.700.000 m3 of cooling and freezing capacity makes the company a leader in logistic services for temperature controlled products.

Find out more about Kloosterboer here: https://www.kloosterboer.com

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