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What features do I need on an OCR Portal?

Our OCR software captures data in only seconds. But what data should it capture? This completely depends on the preferences of the customer. We can program the software to our customer’s needs. We have written a blog about the most common features.

What does the ROI look like for an AutoGate?

For an Automated Gate there are three main factors that play an important role in the ROI. Increased capacity, Improved productivity and reduced costs. Read how these factors contribute to the ROI of an Automated Gate in the blog.

What level of redundancy do I need in my AutoGate?

Usually redundancy has no priority, especially since the CERTUS AutoGate is developed to be operational 24/7. All components and the system architecture are designed for this purpose. A defect in one lane will not impact the complete gate.

How does deploying an AutoGate increase terminal capacity?

Automated gate solutions help streamline the gate process by reducing human errors, speed up the vehicle inspection process, and strengthen the security at the entrance of a terminal. More information can be found in the blog on this topic.

Do I need to identify the driver with an AutoGate?

Yes, International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) requires container terminals to keep track of every visitor that enters the facility. The CERTUS Automated Gate offers many components that help to identify visitors. Learn more about this topic in the blog.

Does the AutoGate contribute to your environmental objectives?

Congestion generates the highest CO2 emission. Imagine what hundreds of trucks waiting at your gate will do to your company’s emissions. With an AutoGate your gate operations are more efficient, waiting times decrease and CO2 emissions reduce.


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Do you want to know more?